Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Norhayati (in Brown shirt) at OKU Day 2009

This beautiful lady is one tough gentle person, Sifu knew her in early part of Paralimpic Korat preparations, she was in the judo team to Korat 2008(yes judo so do not mess up with her) but her beauty was an attraction but her smile was the beauty and the energy behind her. Just listen to her laughs, but get to know this lass and Sifu been trying to get her hook up with chess but at present she is in congkak.

Her name is Norhayati and she is blind in B1 category. She became blind while studying Sports Science in UiTM but blindness could not stop this beautiful lady from being a useful person and be able to stand and move about independently.

She became a reflexology instructor at Malaysian Association of Blind Training centre to help and motivate other blind persons to be able to earn a living by becoming a reflexologist.

Now she have open a reflex centre at Mydin Wholesale Subang Jaya on the 1st. Floor named NR REFLEX. If you need to reflex or massage your legs, body and hands go to NR REFLEX at Mydin Subang and support Norhayati. Her smile and beauty will helps to give you an wonderful massage. This beautiful B1 lady needs your support.

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