Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Its no use brooding over the unexpected budget cut where Chess becomes another victim for adjustment. The last time it happened in 1990, it lasted four years. No chess No MSSM No school champions a bleak time for chess development then, if we include all chess players, organizers, teachers, parents and bloggers do not play a useful role to protest this exclusion, chess will die en sine.

How to you play a role?

1. Write or email to the Minister of Education.
2. Write or email to IMalaysia Blog of Prime Minister.
3. Write or email your Member of Parliament.
4. Write or email your chess associations.
5. Write or email your Malaysian Chess Federation.

Be constructive not criticizing only but propose ways and means to overcome this problem, Sifu is playing a part in this campaign with a few other friends and interested parties, as Sifu had blogged this problem late last year when Sifu heard rumours but what have we done to overcome this problem - nothing so now we need your support and do your role a a chess person.

Read in the daily Sinar last Monday, 11 January 2010, where a big article on Chess being made a Black Sheep in MSSM. But it all comes down to dollars and cents, everybody are facing a bleak time, sugar gone up, cigarettes up ( can do without, anything else ? Well its no stopping and all will feel the pinch for now its chess in MSSM.

Good we need this kind of publicity in the campaign to ensure chess will not be made a victim in the budget cutting or expenditure trimmings, we need more publicity and do not forget to email all parties, Sifu role to blog and blog about this problem while being a concerned person with no children in schools. Chess have been in Sifu blood and the love of it, makes Sifu still in the chess scenario but its only a matter of time to allow other interested parties to take over.

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  1. can sifu please give the email address of DPM as Education Minister. I wonder if he is aware of what his officials are doing.tq and my best regards.