Thursday, January 7, 2010

Invitation Chess Opengames

Sifu received this massage and would like to share it with chess players who like to play chess on like and get registered. Good luck.

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From: Néstor
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 7:38 AM
Subject: Invitation Chess Opengames

Hello Al Mohamad
I commented that besides the friendly matches in the game pad
we started making open tournaments free online chess and other specialties, according to the complete schedule of registration for first semester 2010 and the rules of the game which are detailed on the site.
The tournament scheduled to start in January and February this year are:

Chess Retired: Registration: from 31/'01/09 to 16/01/10 - Start 18/01/10
Chess: Registration: from 21/'01/10 to 02/02/10 - Start 04/02/10

Registration has begun for the 2nd International Chess Tournament which starts Chess Retired January 18, being able to continue its development on the blog:
The platform can be covered opengames game completely and without any restriction, even can follow the games and the registration is only required to play friendly games or tournaments, which is free and requires no download or install any software.
Hoping you have fun enjoying the beautiful game of chess, I send my best wishes, wishing you many happy returns for 2010!.

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From: Néstor
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 12:04 AM
Subject: Invitation Chess Opengames

Hello, Al Mohamad Fia.
I have looked for your blogger of Malasia in the web, and it is a pleasure to invite you to play free chess and its variants, online, 3 or 7 days per move. The site is , it is a new tool developed in Buenos Aires and our purpose is expanding our friendly group.
I personally invite you to play in the variant Retired Chess which is an original game by our site. Its rules are the same of classical chess, but only play with pawns and king, and just rook promotion is allowed.
I hope you are interested and I would be happy if you join to our friendly group soon.
Best regards, and happiness for 2010!
Néstor Quadri

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