Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center (DATCC)


With the backing of Dato Tan Chin Nam, the memories of his son the late Dato Arthur Tan will live on in DATCC, good luck and looking forward for success. Every chess player and organiser got a role to play to ensure success, it should be a team work for those who love chess.

Sifu gives its full backing and knowing Dato Tan Chin Nam will make the Center a success but before it all, sifu would like to award Dato Tan Chin Nam with an award that being due to for so long namely the first CHESS GRANDSIFU.

This award to Dato Tan for all that he has done since the seventies to Malaysia in the world map of chess. sifu salute you Dato and accept this extra ordinary title of GS namely GrandSifu as FIDE have yet to honour you with an honorary GM title and only sifu can award this grand title to you. Congragulation Dato.

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