Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After all this, now Sifu feel humble but proud that all Sifu's fight for chess have reaped success in the FOUR golds attained by Malaysian chess paralimpik players.

But success could not be achieved without Choo Min Wang, Nur Fiqhe, Norain, Atirah, Tham Siew Fong, Aqiala and Intan Juiana.

Met Tham at KL school championship and Aqiala at MSSM in Klang combining with Intan was a hopeful gamble mixture for Gold but Gold was achieved.

Choo Min Wang was our National Champion in 1974 but his eyesight now a B3 person got a gold in his third attempt and the role by Nur Fiqha repeating her double success in Korat.

But major success came from the coaches, Rizal Ahmad Kamal, Asmah Hambadley, Hashin Jusuh, Roslina Marmono, Abdul Haq and help from Haslindah Ruslan, Ghazali Che Cob and Yeoh Chin Seng, Gregory Lau and many more chess friends who have given a helping hand in the target of golds.

Sifu thanks all and hopefully next year Malaysia Paralimpiad at Malacca will see more new paralimpik talents from all the states and all the coaches in the talent searching and the setting up of state chess team on the Asean Paragames format.

SIFU 18 August 2009

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