Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sifu have to start planning for Bandung 2011 plus the proposed Asian Blind Champonship, Asian PWD Championship (PWD = person with disabilities or OKU) plus Asean Championship next year during Guanchou 2011. All hard work and challenges in search for excellent.

Sifu needs new players due to withdrawal and retirement of some of the senior players, one being gold and bronge medalist, Mah Hasan due to work commitment. Thanks Mah Hassan, sifu knew you could contribute a gold and you did it, he did it for homself and through sheer commitment and request from sifu so sifu's choise was right.

It will be a long and hard search for new blood not only the players but also additional coaches, paralimpik chess need at least three women coaches and two men coaches for a total of ten coaches plus a possibility of full time coaches.

Its a challenge so sifu invites those interested to be part of paralimpik team to join sifu and teh present Dream Team.

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