Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Date : 8 September 2009
Place : Dewan Komenwel, MSN, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Event : Awards for Gold Medalists
Time : 5.30 pm

All Chess Gold Medalists and coaches are invited for award ceremony with the Minister of Youh and Sports and the breaking of fast for Muslims athletes and coaches but all gold medalists and coaches are invited.

For the first time, Chess was outstanding in 5th. Aseam Paragames KL09.

  • Chess exceeded the target set at 6 Golds with achievement of 8 Golds 4 Silvers and 4 Bronze. An achievement of 400 % from Korat 2008 of only 2 Golds.
  • Nur Fiqhue Mohd Halil, a blind B2 youngest chess athlete from Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, Johore Bharu was outstanding with 4 Golds. 2 Individual Women Golds from B2B3 category and Combined B1B2B3 category and her outstanding performance gave Malaysia 2 more Golds in Team B2B3 with Norain Fatihah Md Yusoff and Atirah Hamid and Combined B1B2B3 with Teo Suat Nei and Atirah Hamid.
  • Choo Min Wan, a blind B3 oldest chess athlete at 72 years was best men chess athlete with 3 Golds. 2 Individual Men Golds from B2B3 category and Combined B1B2B3 category and help Malaysia to Team Gold in Combined Team B1B2B3 with Mah Hassan Omar and Shaharudin Sidek.
  • Surprise Gold medalist from WomenTeam Physical Handicap Category, assembled by Sifu from unexpected athletes of Aqilah Syahirah (discovered from 2009 MSSM Chess representing Malacca) Tham Siew Fong (from MSSKL 2009 Chess Final representing St. Marys School and Sentul Zone) and a senior player from Bangi, Intan Juliana. Sifu backed the selection and believed in them to get a Gold and they did.
  • Sifu found its never easy to manage an unknown adventure but with strong backing from Rizal Ahmad Kamal, Hashim Jusuh, Abdul Haq Mohamad, Asmah Hambadley and Roslina Marmono as coaches and Dato Aminah Din as motivator, chess achieved success as a Dream Team.
  • Sifu thank all for this fantastic outstanding achievement with Shaifulsahar, MSN and MPM selection Board.

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