Thursday, August 20, 2009


Malaysia did the impressive magnificant.

We are the best in Asean by
capturing magic 8 chess golds.

Lead by Nur Fiqhue Mohd Halil with 2 individual and 2 team Golds with Atirah, Teo Suat Nei and Norain while Choo Min Wang with 2 individual and 1 team Gold with Mah Hassan and Shaharudin,while the surprise package from the ladies Physical Team of Aqila, Intan and Tham Siew Fong make it a total of ong 8 GOLDS !!

But Idris, Amir, Mahadir and Lianah all play their part for the Malaysian blind teams without with we could not make the dream to be a reality.

The main factors being the coaches led by Sifu with Rizal, Hashim, Haq, Asmah and Roslina. The best Chess Coaches for Paralimpik with help from Ghazali CC and Haslindah.

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