Saturday, August 22, 2009


After fifteen years, sifu was able to meet chess mentor, Mr Campomanes, the former President of FIDE. Mr Campo was one of the three persons that call me, Abdul the other was the late GM Gufeld and it is an honour.

We had lunch together with another respected friend the three Paralimpik Gold medalist, Mr Choo Min Wang, how sifu want another friend to attend this get together namely Mr Lawrence How, who met me recently in his search for lotus plants.

These three were responsible in the making of sifu into FIDE International Arbiter and FIDE Chess Cardec Trainer. When sifu decided to be an FIA, sifu approach a PCMM arbiter, sifu was not supported as sifu might be a rival challenger as a present FIA feel about sifu. Knowledge is to be shared but not for them.

Choo Min Wang gave me the notes to study on how to be an arbiter including pairing methods unlike present arbiters who have the computers to help them, but for like sifu it was manual and hard work.

Lawrence How gave sifu the first exposures and norms when he appointed sifu as the Chief Arbiter for three National Closed championship.

Campomanis as FIDE Presiden gave sifu a study grant to be a chess trainer at USSR for more than a month at Shuhumi Sports University and Moscow School of Pioneers though the ride by Aeroflot was rough but it was worth it as sifu was tought by GM Gufeld, GM Averbach, GM Pacenco to name a few plus meeting meeting young masters then who later became GMs.

Sifu thank them for the chances and beginning of the long affair in chess, then ten years ago Mah Hassan wrote in to make chess a paralimpik event.

Sifu was asked by Asean Paralimpik Council through Malaysian Paralimpik Council, namely Dato Zainal, to submit proposals and the technical aspects to include chess in Manila 2005 and now its history where Malaysia managed only two silvers while Philippines got seven and Indonesis one golds.

We created history to capture two Golds in Korat 2008, the first gold ever for Malaysia in Chess through a young Nur Fiqhue Mohd Halil. Now Fiqhue repeated it with four Golds !! Not a dream but reality while Choo Min Wang contributed three golds and the physical handicap girls of Tham, Aqilah and Intan gave the eight gold. While major roles done by Mah Hassan, Sharuddin Sidek, Atikah, Liyanah, Muira, Norain, Teo, Mahadir, Idris and Amir.

We have done the immpossible. We are the best and nobody can say otherwise.

We, Abdul Latiff Mohamad as Manager and Chief Coaches, Rizal Ahmad Kamal, Hashim Jusuh, Abdul Haq Mohamad, Asmah, Hambadley and Roslina Marmono as coaches while Mah Hassan, Mat Idris Saman, Amir Samsudin, Moira Mukri, Teo Sut Nei, Liyanah Abd Hamid, Nur Fiqhue Mohd Halil, Norain Fatihah Mohd Yusoff, Atirah Azman, Choo Min Wang, Mahadir Abdul Ghani, Shaharudin Sidek, Chua Heng Meng, Ho Hea King, Mohd Kelana Yusop, Aqila, Intan Juliana and Tham Siew Fong as the gold players


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