Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Nazirah's passion for chess pays off
By NG SUZHEN February 02, 2009 The Malay Mail

Under the loving guidance of her teacher, Nazirah Shamsudin, 17, not only discovered a passion for chess but has managed to garner two prizes in just over a year of playing the game.

Yesterday, at the Federal Territories Day Braille Chess Tournament in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, she picked up her second prize in the women’s category. Despite its name, the tournament’s participants also included sighted individuals.

Her teacher, Asmah Ahmad Hambad Ley, 34, was there with Narizah and her family throughout tournament.

"Last year, she took third place in the 14th Paralympiad Malaysia Kuala Lumpur chess tournament women’s category. Today, she’s competing against a wider range of opponents. This is going to be a challenge for her," said Asmah.

An inspirising challenge to see a young lady with no hands and fingers on a wheelcahir wanting to be a good chess champion player from Perak. You are a champ Nazirah!!


  1. Syabas kepada oganisor, and all the participant.

    I am Jenn Yuan ( student from universiti malaya.
    i am interest in get knowledge about chess oku
    may i know who is the oganisor of chess oku and more information about chess oku.

  2. jeyuan
    Organiser is DBKL but tournament by KL Braille call 03 40220046. OKU Chess needs all the support moral, spritual, financial and upmost being understanding