Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What is “ ZERO START “
FIDE (World Chess Federation) new regulation stipulates
that the beginning of the playing session/s (respective
rounds) shall be announced by the Chief Arbiter or by a
single acoustic signal. At this instant, any Player who
is not seated at his/her Match (board) shall be defaulted
immediately. Where both Players are absent at the beginning
of the playing session, both Players shall lose the game by default.

With immediate effect the Malaysian Chess Federation should implement the
Zero Start’ ruling to help our players adjust to this new ruling to be
made mandatory for all FIDE events by July 2009. All organisers should make
it mandatory to be zero start without fail, its all about discipline.

in addition, Organisers should make rulings that prohibit the use of slippers
& short pants as matter of discipline and the non useage of mobile phones and
electronic devices

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