Monday, May 17, 2010


Can victories in chess be celebrated in the same way as foofball,  Look at all the ethics in chess
  • No talking. Total silence.   The recent world championship in Sofia won by Anand began with a silent request according to Sofia Rule.  No handshakes and no draw request just no talking just write the request or result. Takes  away the friendship motto of FIDE.
  • No smoking, a good intension but meant no sponcership from this giant companies.
  • No handphones: a good requirement to avoid noise from ringging phone and cheating.
  • Ban on crowd as happened in last MSSM Chess tournament in Klang, so no spectator crowd and lost the excitement.
  • Incommunicado: a total no contact between players and coach,  imagine if discussion allowed with breaks like badminton, basketball, tennis hence a total result could happen even if allowed in 2 minutes request..
  • Maybe an experiment to give public interest in chess should be considered !!!
  • At a recent OKU championship, handling of clocks still happen so to implement a rule for a total non handling of chessclocks.
With the football season over, now is the every a four year excitement of  World Cup in South Africa this year and shouting for teams of England, Spain, Potugal, Brazil or ...unlike the Chess Olympiad but for Malaysia, best hopes went out in smoke in the Thomas Cup (equal to World Cup for badminton) and in chess.....will have to wait for miracles or untill we have a grandmaster to be born.