Monday, April 13, 2009


Today The Malay Mail Says No To Soccer Violence.
What was written have to be blogged for chess to see and believe and not be associated.
Sifu says no to violence in chess but only to make beautiful games.
But Chess? Its violence with the killings, the capturing, the invasions all leading to a war but surprise surprise we have yet to see fighting, bottle trowing or hair pulling or even punches thrown only pieces down all on the 64 squares only.
But what drives normal men to insanity? As seen in football.
Passion, unbridled love. What? Why?
Football violence is no longer a phenomenon. Its a travesty. Its a betrayal of trust.
Sports is one of the last bastions in the world going mad where there is supposed to exist peace and serenity.
But chess do create monsters, liars, cheaters and greedy organizers but all players and arbiters just take it in their stride not complaining just fulfilling their hunger for enjoyment of the game and organizers taking advantage of it all. This is all part of violence that makes a mockery of the beautiful game. Sifu want to put a stop to this in chess and hope all will back to put chess in its proper perspective as a beautiful game.
We do not need foul mouth officers, chess only want discipline organizers and players.
But recently sifu saw indiscipline by chess winners getting prizes wearing shorts and slippers, please put a stop to this unwelcoming behavior make chess beautiful so stay beautiful, do not allow them to go on stage!

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