Friday, August 12, 2011

Fair Play Policy -

Fair Play Policy -

Sifu says:
Interesting what says on Fair Play Policy on playing on line but this Fair Play Policy should be extended to play in real chess game in any tournament especially in the corruption of fixing games but how or where do you draw the line or even proving it !!

by Kikyo_Sushi
Shanghai China

Quote :

Fair Play Policy encourages players to be kind and show good sportsmanship. Our Fair Play policy expects that players will not:

  • intentionally disconnect during games
  • stall to make opponents wait unnecessarily
  • frivolously abort games because they don't want to play black, etc.

If your account is flagged for breaking this policy your account will be restricted. You will still be able to play games with friends or accept direct challenges, but you will not be able to create or accept open challenges until you play more games that follow the fair play policy.

May I ask :

1) Does/Can distinguish between Players who Intentionally Disconnect from those who gets disconnected due to Bad/Poor Connection ?

( This happens regularly if our Connection is Bad n' we even loose Winning Games ! )

2) Similiarly,how do u distinguish between Players who abort Games due to having Accidentally clicked on/accepted the Wrong Seek and not because they don't wanna play Black or for any other reason ?

( I frequently click on the Wrong Seeks coz of very Poor Connection .. I hv to click many times or very quickly on the Seek I wish to accept but often get the Wrong one instead and hv to abort ... ( I like to play Black,actually [got used to it] n' hardly get to play White with people coz they normally abort if they get white or maybe for some other reason.)

Thx So Much !

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