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14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012

14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012

14th IBCA Chess Olympiad

14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012 is organized by All India Chess Federation for the Blind, under the aegis of International Braille Chess Association & All India Chess Federation (recognized by Government of India)

More than 46 countries expected to take part in the world's biggest chess event.
India to host The Mind Game 2012
14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012 (download PDF) has been awarded to India (first time to an Asian country). All India Chess Federation For The Blind (AICFB) has been established in 1997 to promote the game of chess amongst the blind in India.

AICFB is a non-profit organization, affiliated to International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) the apex world body for chess for the blind and AICF (recognized by Government of India). Through this affiliation, we integrate our blind chess players with rest of the world.

Key Highlights of the 14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012
Logo of AICFB and IBCA
  • World’s biggest chess event
  • First time in history of India chess Olympiad is getting organized.
  • India will be first Asian country to organize chess Olympiad.
  • Instead of individual participation, countries take part (team championship).
  • More than 46 countries expected to take part.
  • Some of the new south Asian countries also may participate.
  • Around 400 delegates from across world will take part in this mega event.
  • Several previous world champions along with more than 30 International masters, 12 International Woman masters and 100 FIDE rated players will represent their own countries.
  • Top games will be shown live on website.
  • All the games will be uploaded on web site daily for analysis and review.
  • One day site seeing will be arranged to all the participants.
  • Venue of the event will be at any 5-Star hotel in India.
  • Senior ministers from central and state governments are expected to attend the functions.

International tournaments organized by AICFB
  • First ever Asian chess championship for the blind 2003, Mumbai
  • Individual World chess championship for the blind 2006, Goa (This tournament is conducted first time out of Europe since 1951)
Both these tournaments were a huge success, but getting these tournaments in India was not easy. The success of IWCCB not only proved India’s capabilities but also sets the benchmark. IBCA president officially quoted “Goa world chess championship was best organized event in the history of blind chess”. This strengthened our claim for Chess Olympiad 2012 and ultimately world’s biggest chess event “Chess Olympiad” was granted to India in 2008 IBCA board meeting.

After successfully conducting the 11th Individual World Chess Championship for the blind 2006 in Goa, International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) congress awarded this event to India unanimously.

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