Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back Rank Blues -

Back Rank Blues -

Back Rank Blues

Submitted by benws

Here is yet another game that shows the tactical brilliance of David Bronstein. After some insipid play by Mikenas, Bronstein is able to seize the advantage by making some threats against his opponent's weak back rank. Mikenas cautiously tries to defend, but Bronstein stuns him with a rook sacrifice that is truly a bolt from the blue, and he immediately capitulates.

Vladas Ivanovich Mikenas vs. David Bronstein
Ch URS | Tallinn | 1965 | ECO: A53 | 0-1
What a move! Mikenas resigned, as there is no defence to Bronstein's many threats. Notice the multitude of tactical motifs this move demonstrates. If 25 bxa3, then 25...Qxa1+ and 26 Re1+ mates; if 25 Rxa3 or 25 Qxa3, then 25... Qe1+ mates. All other defences lead to ruinous material loss.

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