Sunday, May 22, 2011

Al-fatihah to Tragedy Victims

Laid to rest

Seven landslide victims buried together

UPDATED @ Malaysian Insider
May 22, 2011
Boys wait during a funeral prayer ceremony for several victims of yesterday’s landslide, at a mosque in Hulu Langat, May 22, 2011. — Reuters pic
HULU LANGAT, May 22 — Seven youths killed in yesterday’s deadly landslide that ravaged the Al-Taqwa orphanage here were buried in a joint grave at a nearby cemetery today.

A man and 15 boys were killed in the landslide that trapped 25 people at the orphanage yesterday. Nine other boys survived the ordeal.

About 400 people watched under the blazing sun as the bodies were lowered into a six-foot-deep grave this afternoon at the Dusun Nanding Muslim Cemetery here.

Zaitun Abdullah, 38, sobbed uncontrollably as she watched the burial of her 17-year-old nephew, Dzahir Haziq Mohd Muin, who was to have started his matriculation next week.

“I took care of him since he was two-years old,” she said, crying as her relatives tried to console her.

Siti Arbiah Nor, who is Dzahir Haziq’s grandaunt, said he was a smart student who scored six or seven As in the SPM.

“He’s a good nephew... every weekend, he goes there to help the orphans,” Siti Arbiah told The Malaysian Insider in a breaking voice.

The businesswoman said Dzahir used to spend weekends at the orphanage after taking his SPM last year to study Islam and to teach the children mathematics.

“His father sent him there to impart knowledge... he’s a teenager who was willing to help young kids... but his life was cut short,” said Siti Arbiah, crying.

Farihan Sulaiman expressed shock about the unexpected demise of his 10-year-old nephew Iman Fahad.

“Twice a month, he goes there... to learn tuition and Islamic studies,” Farihan, 32, told The Malaysian Insider.

The secondary school teacher said Iman spent alternate weekends at the orphanage, but stayed with his family in Cheras.

“He’s a good kid,” said Farihan, who drove here from Temerloh in Pahang this morning.

Many family members and residents of the small town of Batu 14 Hulu Langat wiped their tears as they grieved under the bright, blue sky.

Police said the deadly landslide killed 16 people, most of whom were boys.

The youngest was aged eight years while the oldest was a 34-year-old warden.

Some of the dead were orphans while others still had parents.

Nine survived with injuries while 24 others escaped unhurt.

The seven buried at the cemetery here today were Iman, Dzahir Haziq, Mohd Hazim Sapri, 10; brothers Mohd Azrel Azahari, 8, and Mohd Zaim Azahari, 14; Wan Ahmad Hasril Hazim, 11; and Mohd Mustakim Mamat, 12.

The other nine were claimed by family members who wished to bury them in their respective hometowns.

A woman who attended the burial here today said she had cooked dinner last night, as well as breakfast and lunch today for 300 members of the rescue team.

“I feel sad. Poor orphans,” said the 55-year-old Malay woman, who refused to be named.

“I cooked simple meals – sardine, salted egg, fried noodles,” added the woman dressed in black.

Some family members were too distraught to speak to the press, waving reporters and photographers away.

The burial ended at about 3.30pm after flower petals were sprinkled on the fresh grave as the sky darkened.

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