Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learn about Traps

Traps - Pt. 1

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Why study traps?
There are several good reasons why studying traps might be considered  important. First, of course, to avoid becoming a victim of one.  Second is to recognize the opportunity of gaining a quick victory.  But the third reason is the best one, I believe: since traps, by their very nature, are not at all obvious and take advantage of poor play (particularly, though not exclusively, in the openings), understanding how traps work reveal to us certain secret tactical truths in postions that we may never have learned on our own. 
The last reason is as obvious as the first:  they are fun!

For this posting I've selected traps that bear the names of famous players  (exactly how they come to bear these names I can't say).

Marshall's Trap
NN vs. Trapper
Marshall's Trap | BUTTERFLY | 0-1

Max Lange's Trap
Trapper vs. NN
Max Lange's Trap | BUTTERFLY | 1-0

 Nimzovich's Trap
Trapper vs. NN
Nimzovich's Trap | BUTTERFLY | 1-0

Lasker's Trap
NN vs. Trapper
Lasker's Trap | BUTTERFLY | 0-1

Tarrasch's Trap
NN vs. Trapper
Tarrasch's Trap | BUTTERFLY | 0-1

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