Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early partial solar eclipse for 2011

Partial solar eclipse as seen from Jerusalem on 4 Jan 2011 Viewing the sun's harsh light should only be done through protective equipment

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Tuesday witnesses the first partial solar eclipse of 2011.
People standing across a great swathe of the Earth's surface are seeing the Moon take a big bite out of the Sun.
For north Africa and much of Europe, the event began at sunrise, whereas in central Russia and north-west China, the spectacle occurs at sunset.
North-east Sweden should have had the best sight. From 0850 GMT, near the city of Skelleftea, the Moon covered almost 90% of the Sun's diameter.
To get the best view, however, Swedish skywatchers will have had to have a high vantage point, as both celestial bodies were skirting the horizon at that time.

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