Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Its official chess would be played at 5th. Asean Paragames KL09 as 8 countries have confirm participation only the details and categories breakdown that needed to be finalised.
Malaysia 6 categories men and women 18 players
Phillipines 3 categories men only 9 players
Thailand 1 category men only 3 players
Brunei 1 men PH only
Mynmar 1 player
Indonesia 6 players
Vietnam 8 players
Singapore 1 player
By Friday hopefully everything will be finalised

Congrats to Gregory Lau who have been appointed as the Asean Technical Delegate for Chess by Asean Paralimpic Council, he follows the footsteps of Sifu (Manila) and Ahmad Shafuddin(Korat) with Adrian Shah from Indonesia as the Deputy TD and most likely Ustaz Rahman as the International Technical Officer.

Sifu tough roles as the Manager/Chief Coach with Rizal AK, Hashim Jusuh, Abdul Haq, Asmah Hambadly, Roslina Marmono and Khairunisa in the team going for golds, target at 4 doubling Korat. We hope for the best results ever for Malaysian Chess.

We want to put parachess in category A at MSN, where elite players would be chosen with full time coaches and the world paralimpic championship.
Remember to support us at Commonwealth Hall, MSN Bukit Jalil from 15 to 19 August 2009 and we need good tough matches from now till the 12 August. Please call/contact Sifu for match arrangements.

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