Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kirsan Pledge with One Vision

One Vision

We regard chess as a powerful instrument for personal development. We represent diversity whilst sharing common values:
  • Unity in vision has developed a leadership and organization which respects the needs and requirements of each member
  • Devotion to the principles of democracy within the worldwide chess community
  • All finances and operations of FIDE will continue to be transparent and openly available to all its members
  • Development by giving every child in the world the chance to learn chess and enjoy its numerous benefits
  • Continued stability within FIDE as the main condition for the worldwide development of chess.
We will achieve this through the following programs and activities :

1. Organisational Development

MEMBERSHIP. Today, FIDE stands at 171 member nations and our goal is to increase the membership to over 200, with similar levels as FIFA and FIBA. The practice of excluding member federations of FIDE, due to non-payment, will not be exercised any more, and instead FIDE will review their membership to an associate membership level, without voting rights, until their situation improves.
SOLIDARITY. We must reinforce those Federations which may not be generating enough activity or finance to promote or develop chess adequately in their country as their primary concern lies in day to day survival. This leads to the various programs below that will be continued from previous work or introduced as appropriate. Additionally, stronger and established Federations will be encouraged to show solidarity through invitations for players and arbiters from weaker Federations so that the latter may obtain the necessary experience to show improvement.
ORGANISATIONAL REVIEW. Together with the national sport authorities (Sports Councils and Olympic Committees) and the Chess Federation officials, we will continue to carry out comprehensive reviews of the various ideas regarding development of people, resources and programs so that FIDE may assist and support in the development of a medium to long term strategy for chess in each member Federation. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, as well as several FIDE Board members, have already been visiting member Federations these last four years and this activity will be intensified.
STABILITY. Preservation of stability is the principal and essential condition of further development of chess and FIDE. We will continue our close work with National Chess Federations and Continents.
SUPPORT. FIDE will continue to assist Federations in becoming more professional by :
  • developing Federations’ and Organisers’ manuals,
  • extending training seminars on marketing, finance, administration and organization of Federations to all Continents.
  • introducing a program of continuous reviews of development results in areas such as chess in schools, events, arbiters, trainers, academies and other critical areas, every 2 years, with all Federations around the world.

  • LIVING STANDARDS of all chess Grandmasters need to be improved by mandating titled players for training missions. FIDE will study the introduction of an additional financial contribution by organizers of its events, so as to create a pension fund for Grandmasters after reaching the age of 60.
TECHNOLOGICAL. A centralized web based rating update system will be introduced after a calculated study. This would become the standard platform for federations rating input, and we will provide hosting space and services at the FIDE website to federations. Through our joint venture with Chess Network Corporation, extensive services will be provided to all member Federations and millions of players.

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