Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for FIDE President Pledge

This is the pledge of President Kirsan and his team:

Chess in Schools

This is fundamental to the successful development of FIDE in the next few years. At grass root levels by introducing chess more widely into schools at a primary level. 
Chess as a thinking skill, and  at the same time as a sport, 
so that we can produce better citizens who weigh their decisions carefully and maturely whilst appreciating the competitive elements of chess. This area is critical for most Federations around the world and the CIS Commission will be headed by people who will be set clear targets for achieving the goals we all desire.
We will review all the CIS programs available around the world, to develop a FIDE master program of training in pre schools, primary and secondary levels. We will develop a knowledge centre sharing educational studies, scholastic performance reports, teaching instruments, lesson plans etc. The objective of this is to have a massive explosion in the number of kids throughout the world, who have acquired a knowledge and possibly a liking for chess.
FIDE will expand the world schools competitions to bring it to the level of other world youth competitions. Additionally, FIDE will launch chess educational programs, parallel to its most important events, in co-operation with national Federations, local municipalities, educational authorities and the local chess community.

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