Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for FIDE President

Was inform GM Karpov was in Malaysia the last two days, why is he back in Malaysia? Who invited him in the first place ? MCF ? Goverment of Malaysia ?


Sifu met this former world champion way back in 1990, during the Final Candidate Match between Karpov vs Timman, Malaysia spend officially RM1 million for the match, where Karpov won more than RM750k and Timman RM 250k and the rest for expences.
This budget as a result of Visit Malaysia by then MCF President, Tan Sri Sabbarudin Chik was the first  biggest chess budget and possibly the last chess budget to be spent on chess by Malaysia on such scale

Did Malaysia benefit from all these ?  Did Karpov contributed to the development of chess in Malaysia ? Nothing nil none.sorry to say.
Sifu might be wrong here but sifu remembers correctly, Karpov eats only Russian food cook by his imported Russian cooks.  He never mix with the Malaysia chess community or he contributed to any simul or seminars, he was only interested in trying to be a world champion then. He never said thank you to Malaysia then for giving him the hard earn chess money never thought off by Malaysians but thanks to Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik for making it possible and the Malaysian Goverment for approving it.

But do not expect it to happen again unless angels come flying not then, now or the future. Now Karpov is motivated to uproot Kirsan as FIDE President so come personally for support and vote from Malaysia.

Sifu actually wonder why Malaysia in the first place back Karpov and then officially snubbing him in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference.  How did Karpov managed to get to meet OCM officials without MCF blessing ?
With this official blessing Malaysian Chess community or MCF lost USD 100,000 as promised by Kirsan, if he is elected President again.
Will Karpov compensate MCF over this matter ?  Do Karpov needs Malaysia support or just to get financial support from Malaysia ? But who ?
Did MCF actually stayed away and not want to be seen with Karpov? Sifu was not there but from the pics of the events could see the who who were there.
And so is the Malaysia - Singapore Match is under review or on !!,  due to rumours mongering by  some chess persons.
Sifu supports present FIDE President Kirsan but knowing sifu not a delegate so no vote to deliver but Malaysia should sent the President or the General Secretary as the delegate and delivers the vote correctly for the future of chess in Malaysia.