Monday, July 12, 2010

A 1 Malaysia Chess IPT/IPTS Team

It been busy for last few weeks preparing for daughter's wedding so blogging was limited and no chess involvement too.
But sifu had a chess promotion during new student intake orientation at UiTM Main Campus recently.  The promotion involve silat, woshu, rowing, darts and chess.
With gifts for new chess members, a simul and blitz was carried out and was surprised on the support from new student and a workshop will be held shortly possibably on 24 July 2010 but
on 17 July a 1 Chess Tournament Invitation with free admission for IPT,IPTS and all collages for a team of 6 but must consist of at least one member of each major race namely Malay, Chinese, Indian and others with two ladies players making a team of 6 players in a blitz team championship.  Its a 1 Malaysia concept in chess, details out soon and invitation to all IPT/IPTS or registered with sifu .

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