Friday, August 16, 2013

FIDE policy of zero tolerance for lateness

Peruvian chess prodigy eliminated from World Cup due to misunderstanding

By Rachel Chase

18-year-old Peruvian chess prodigy Jorge Cori was eliminated from the 2013 FIDE World Cup in Tromso, Norway after a language error caused him to arrive late to a match.

Peruvian chess prodigy eliminated from World Cup due to misunderstanding
(Photo: Rochi Leon/Depor)
According to Depor, Cori was playing a series of games against Azerbaijani Teimour Radjabov, and arrived approximately two minutes late to the pair’s fifth game.
It appears, however, that Cori’s tardiness was caused by the language barrier. Depor reports that Cori, who does not speak English, was told by an arbiter that his next match against Radjabov would take place at 6:15. Unfortunately, Cori misheard 6:15 as 6:50; when he tried to check the time with another arbiter, the official seemed to confirm that the next match would take place at 6:50.
Chess-News reports that Cori only realized that his match would start at 6:15 while watching an internet live stream of the event. At that time, he hurried to the hall where the game was supposed to take place, but arrived about two minutes late.
The World Chess Federation has a policy of zero tolerance for lateness, and Cori was disqualified. His appeal for reinstatement was rejected.
Cori’s sister, Deysi Cori, also participated in the tournament, falling in the first round to Hikaru Nakamura of the United States. There is still one bright spot for fans of Peruvian chess, however: veteran player Julio Granda Zuñiga has advanced to the second round of the tournament and will now play against Hungary’s Peter Leko. 

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