Monday, August 30, 2010


Sifu been enquired and asked why Sifu why ? Why Sifu supports Kirsan and not Karpov as done by MCF ?  Sifu stands in real world and in a game of chess > the best strategy > the potential winner > the best moves and not making mistakes.
Surely the official backing of 90 nations and unofficial backings of more than 124 nations cannot be wrong but still voting is another matter but we are taking about dignity of national organisations representing nations of the world to elect FIDE President so Sifu backs winners and Sifu believe Kirsan is a winner and surely MCF is making the biggest mistake by not joining the winners camp.
We are not talking about chess players, not about world champions but talking about moving forward in the right directions in administration. Any survey or backing between a chess champion and an administrator will be in favour of chess players but not picking leaders to lead FIDE in right directions.
Is MCF getting the correct advice or be doom in the wrong choise ? Who is the adviser of MCF ?
How about the official delegate, who is the delegate of Malaysia ? Who appoint the delegate of MCF ? The Council, President, the Secretary or MCF have never check who should  be the official delegate !!
For a proxy to be valid, it must be signed by any of the following accredited officials of the federation: President, Permanent Delegate or Secretary of the federation. This will be based on the latest official notification from the federation as shown on the FIDE web site.
The proxy can either be an original or a copy of a letter. Where two or more proxies are received and there is a conflict, the order of precedence shall be as follows:
 1. Proxies received from the President
2. Proxies received from the Permanent Delegate
3. Proxies received from the Secretary

Where the order of precedence is established and there is still a conflict, the latest fax or letter shall be deemed to be valid.  
 So if MCF can appoint the delegate it can also revoke it, well its best if the President can go to  the Assembly and represent Malaysia with the Secretary with the letters of proxies and do the correct thing and chosing the correct FIDE President and see the development of chess in the right direction.
The grants for youth by Kirsan as requested  by MCF is   evidence that Kirsan is the candidate to back for the  good of Malaysia chess

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