Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In The Malay Mail, an interesting article about Russian Anna Koutnikova, well she is not a chess queen but a tennis beauty.

Sports is part of the Russian culture and it is only natural to see the dominance of Russia in all form of sports.

Quoting her, who believes that the only way to succeed at top-level is by embracing sports as a way of life, that is why Russia is able to produce endless great players in all field of sports.

Sifu have had the opportunity to study and understand this very system when sifu was in USSR(before the break up)at the School of Pioneers in Moscow and Schuimi University of Sports way back but MALAYSIA is something different, it never have or will ever have any workable plans unlike working with MPM and MSN to plan for the paralimpic athlets with its ten years plan and it work successfully with the eight Golds in the last 5th. Asean Paragames.

Unless and until Malaysia start working with MSN our players could just dream and hope for miracles and hope that chess be accepted as sports first before even thinking and hoping for chess to be a way of life.

For those inspiring youngsters do not make and repeat the last 30 years of mistakes but dream you must but make changes or we might be way off and backward compared to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or even Nyanmar.

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