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    Greatest Chess Minds: Aron Nimzowitsch - Part 4

    Yet another thing the good doctor Tarrasch and the great Aron Nimzowitsch disagreed about was central control! In-particular, Nimzo's theory was that occupying the center with your pieces, on key squares, can be just as effective as gaining a space advantage with your pawns. GM Dejan Bojkov explains, but regardless of where they stood on this debate, we can all thank these two "chess fore-fathers" for pioneering these discussions. | Watch video
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    Patterns Everyone Must Know: Mating Nets - 5!

    IM Daniel Rensch brings the mating nets portion of this video series to a close today with a "random collection" of patterns that somehow did not quite fit into the previous categories. This gathering of "misfit mating nets" should serve all those wondering about more general techniques to attack the enemy king, both castled and un-castled. Enjoy! | Watch video
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    The Complete Nimzo Indian 4: The Saemisch Attack!

    Today we continue the release of GM Roman Dzindzichashvili's videos in The Complete Nimzo Indian series. Here Dzindzi discusses a "no longer very popular", yet still highly critical variation of the Nimzo Indian. As is the norm in this series, Roman recommends his own special sauce for approaching a sharp variation. Focus on black's positional ideas throughout the video. | Watch video
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    Becoming an Expert - Part 5: Bad Calculation 1

    Today we learn the element of surprise! GM Melik Khachiyan reviews his own game with New Mexico's top play, Lior Lapid, and in doing so, he highlights the importance of knowing what your opponent wants to achieve, anticipating this, and then surprising him with an "unexpected approach" (0-0-0!). We also learn details of how to play against the Closed Sicilian - Grand Prix Attack. | Watch video
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    The Complete Caro - Part 4: "Old" Main Lines!

    GM Shankland continues to guide his new video series on the Caro Kann from sidelines back to the "classical/main line" variations. Here he reviews the most common approach against the Caro Kann, and gives his recommendations on how black should play this variation under the "modern day theory" microscope. | Watch video
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    Openings for Beginners: The Italian Game!

    One of April's featured authors starts a new video series this weekend, designed to answer a reoccurring question from many of our beginning chess players: What are the most popular openings I need to know before playing in tournament chess? Well, over the next few months FIDE Master Valeri Lilov will be bringing you all the answers! We start with one of the most commonly seen openings throughout the history of chess... | Watch video
  • Greatest Chess Minds: Aron Nimzowitsch - Part 3

    In this amazing display, the great Nimzowitsch proved that he was ahead of his time in terms of his understanding of positional principles, prophylaxis, and "deep planning". After forcing a closed position from a Nimzo-Indian Defense, he slowly organizes his pieces with both an eye on his opponent's threats as well as a potential Kingside attack. GM Bojkov explains all... | Watch video
  • Live Sessions; The Theory of Dynamic Compensation!

    Today's Live Sessions features a familiar friend, but from a different perspective. IM Daniel Rensch employs one of his favorite openings and he must rely on the "dynamic tension" in the position in order to find compensation for his sacrificed pawn. When white's pieces can't find good squares, he eventually lashes out (e4), allowing Danny to "stick a thorn" into white's position (d3-pawn). | Watch video
  • Member Analysis: Wrong Middlegame Plan

    Roman does it again! What exactly? Brings us another gem of a Member Analysis video lecture, holding nothing back in his critique of our two helpless victims. He focuses on where white's middlegame plan went wrong, and offers his advice on what the correct path was. Stick around for the King and Pawn ending though, as the final result may surprise you. Enjoy this highly instructive game! | Watch video
  • Making Consistent Plans - Part 2: vs. NM Graves

    Grandmaster Khachiyan delivers yet another gem of a video lecture today, reviewing one of his own recent victories and highlighting many critical "dos and don'ts" of the French Defense and the pawn structure therein. He focuses on providing examples of which points to target in black's position. He also explains in logical fashion what his opponent misunderstood about the position and why he chose bad plans. | Watch video

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