Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selection for Chess Para Athletes

Surakarta 2011 ASEAN Para Games

 This year Malaysia will sent a chess para team to participate in the 6th. Asean Para Games and the momentum is set for selecting OKU players, namely those who meets the paralimpic qualification, last year 2010 Malaysian Paralimpiad at Malacca was the main basic selection, the selection criteria will be announce soon but monitoring of OKU chess players are being done by a selection panel.
If there are OKU players worth to be selected please inform Sifu but from now on all OKU tournaments will be the main basis for selection. Discipline will be the most important criteria.
In 2011 at Surakarta in Indonesia , 6th ASEAN Para Games ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations) will be conducted.
Main venue of the Sukarata 2011 Para games , will be at Manahan Solo Stadium.
It is a football stadium with seating capacity for 35000 spectators.
ASEAN Para Games is a games event held for Southeast Asian Athletes with physical disabilities.
This game events will be hosted by two cities Bandung and Semarang in Indonesia.
Flag handover ceremony to Surakarta 2011 was conducted at 5th ASEAN Para Games in Malaysia in Selangor.
Countries participating in the ASEAN games under the ASEAN Para Sports Federation include ,
  1. Brunei
  2. Cambodia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Laos
  5. Malaysia
  6. Myanmar
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Thailand
  10. Timor Leste
  11. Vietnam
In 2011 26th Southeast Asian Games will be conducted at Palembang in Indonesia. ASEAN para games will be held at the country where Southeast Asian Games was conducted that year.

Sports Events for 2011 Surakarta ASEAN Para Games

There will be about eleven sports events conducted during the 2011 ASEAN games for the athletes with disabilities.
  1. Badminton
  2. Bridge
  3. Chess
  4. Paralympic athletics
  5. Paralympic shooting
  6. Paralympic swimming
  7. Paralympic table tennis
  8. Sitting volleyball
  9. Weightlifting and Power lifting
  10. Wheelchair basketball
  11. Wheelchair tennis   

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