Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sifu find its interesting to discuss over a marketing strategy on ambush marketing. As sifu have seen it happened a few times, sifu finds its lack integrity but an idea  of free cheap publicity, its the same like cheap publicity of a few bloggers and facebook users wanting free cheap publicity most of the time and the idea remains good except willing to face the legal implications as it breaks the rule of ambush marketing.

A group of 36 female fans wearing orange mini-dresses were ejected from the match between Holland and Denmark accused of taking part in what FIFA described as an ''ambush marketing'' campaign for an unlicensed beer brand. ITV have said that a 'substantial number' of tickets, which were for Earle's friends and family, had been passed to a 'third party' and the Daily Mail have claimed the incident relates to the Bavaria beer stunt.
FIFA head of media Nicolas Maingot said: ''What happened was a clear ambush marketing activity by a Dutch beer company, all we have done is ask for some details from these women, but no one has been detained. We are looking into all legal remedies into this brewery.
''We have colleagues who are specialised in this kind of activity and they actually draw the line between what is ambush marketing and someone coming with a shirt that has a competitive brand on it. What is an issue is when there is clear strategy behind it, which is ambush marketing.''
We'd all be ok with adverts ruining goals in ITV's next televised game if this lot were involved.
The Sydney Morning Herald

FIFA file criminal charges

June 16, 2010
By Soccernet staff
FIFA has said criminal charges have been filed against a beer company which conducted an 'ambush marketing' campaign during Monday's match between Netherlands and Denmark.
Two dutch women accused of
GettyImagesTwo dutch women accused of "ambush marketing" have been bailed.
It has also emerged two of the women who were seen wearing orange mini-dresses and who were ejected from Soccer City stadium after their actions were deemed to be part of a stunt to promote a beer, have been released on bail after appearing in court.
They were charged with an offence under the Contravention of Merchandise Marks Act, which covers ambush marketing, when a company benefits from an event without paying for advertising.
South African police arrested the women at their hotel in the Johannesburg district of Roodepoort hours after FIFA had told reporters no action would be taken against them. "We view ambush marketing in a very serious light and we urge people not to embark on these ambush campaigns," police said in a statement. The women appeared at Johannesburg Magistrates Court and were released on bail of $1,300 each, with their next court appearance set for Monday.
With regards to the company, FIFA head of media Nicolas Maingot said: "FIFA has filed charges against the organisers of the ambush marketing stunt pulled during the Netherlands v Denmark match at Soccer City two days ago."
FIFA media spokesperson Delia Fischer added: "This Dutch company has a long history of trying ambush marketing tactics at sports events. The latest target had been the Dutch national team itself, and the Dutch FA had already objected to the strategy employed by this brewery for ambush activities around the national team matches using the exact same promotional objects."

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