Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sifu would like to add an idea discussed the last 2 days by Jobmarket Malaysia about COMMITMENT and apply it to chess especially to my co buddies in the Paragames Team.
1. Commitment is all about how people strongly believe in percepts and how
faithfully carrying them out. Its about trying to do the best.
2. The most important single factor in individual success is commitment.
Commitment ignites success. To commit is to pledge yourself to a certain line
of openings or strategy. It also means practicing your beliefs consistently.
3. 2 basic conditions for commitment. First is having a sound set of beliefs and
stand by it. Second is to be faithful to those beliefs hence be visionary of
the end game with success.
4. To be an effective winner and leader is to have a strong sense of personal
integrity and self confidence plus self improvement.
5. The combination of a strong, positive commitment to self and to a set of
principles serves as a foundation to be a winner.
6. To be a winner is committing taking risks and achieving goals .
7. To a coach, commitment to paralimpic is understanding not sympathy while
serving and achieving results plus treating them with respect and challenging
them for Gold.
Sifu have made 31 years of commitment to Dato Aminah Din with 5 siblings and to
his extended family The Aminah Gossip Group So commitment is also about royalty
and the love of chess.

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